Friday, May 1, 2009

Stop. Go. Art.

There was a thread on our local Flickr group that had mentioned that people should get out and document some of the artwork at the site of a demolished grain elevator down at the waterfront.
The Pool 6 property, as it's know locally was demolished a number of years ago and since then, local grassroots artists have taken it upon themselves to brighten up what would otherwise be just another industrial eyesore.

Hundreds of monolithic pieces of concrete, the remnants of the old grain elevator, litter the site and many have been turned into fantastic art pieces by local spray paint artists.
Some may call it vandalism. Some like to call it graffiti, both terms conveying a rather negative image.

I like to call it art because to me, that's what it is. It's art. The people behind these works have taken nothing and turned it into something far greater, that's what art is all about.
Too bad that within a number of years it will be gone. Waterfront development dictates that the site eventually be "cleaned up" and from what I hear, these artworks will be bulldozed into Lake Superior in an attempt to reclaim land for Thunder Bay's ever expanding waterfront development initiative.

So that's why I decided to head down and shoot a few shots because sooner or later it will be gone and all that remains are these images.

Just because, here's another from last year...

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