Monday, March 2, 2009

My Anti-Drug is Deer

For a change of pace I went out on the weekend with hopes of capturing a few shots of some local residents. The sun had just come up and I was able to capture the attention of this fellow while he and about 30 to 40 of his pals were feeding along the side of the road.

Spot metering is usually something I don't dabble in all that much. I usually shoot Matrix metering (Nikon) and let the camera do the work for me.
In this case, I had gone out to practice spot metering on a subject that rarely sits still for more than a few seconds and was quite happy with the results.

For those that don't know, spot metering is more of an art form and takes some practice and know how before you get it right. If you do get it right, by spot metering a subject you are able to capture colors that are more true to what your eyes are seeing because the camera's meter only reads a small portion of the scene being shot. It helps if you have an understanding of the zone system as well. You can read up on it here.

For this shot, I knew it was a perfect chance to try out spot metering because of the contrasts between the deer and the white background of all of the snow.
I metered directly off of his neck, locked the exposure, recomposed the shot and just as if I was hunting, pulled the trigger.

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