Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Sunrise Shooting

It's been almost all summer and I've hardly shot any sunrise or sunset shots. Hard to believe seeing as how they've always been a perennial favorite of mine. Had a few days off work the past week and decided to go out to a favorite spot for some long exposure shots of the river and do some landscapes.
On the way there I noticed that the sky to the east was already becoming a brilliant shade of pink and red and I immediately pulled a U turn and headed east towards the lake.
Landscapes can wait; it was going to be a sunrise morning.

I ended up at a familiar spot that I'd shot earlier the same week...

- 3 second exposure
- f/22
- ISO 200
- -1/3EV
- cloudy white balance

- 4 sec exposure
- f/22
- ISO 200
- -1/3EV

I don't always shoot sunrise/sunset shots looking directly into the sun. Usually I don't even shoot the actual sunrise/set, but about 20 minutes before and after the sun has cleared the horizon. That's when you get the best colours and run less risk of blowing highlights.

When I find a great sunrise I shoot as much of it as I can but I always try to remember to turn around and catch what is behind me. Sometimes (most of the time) you get spectacular scenes bathed in all of that "magic hour" light and you wouldn't have even know had you not turned around. Although this isn't the best example, this is what was behind me on the day (the sun had risen to the far right hand side.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Back on Blogger

It's been a handful of years and a handful of blogs and I've decided that it's time to jump back on the blogger bandwagon.

Welcome to Infocusimagery on Blogger. Another place for me to post shots, and ramble on about one of the most infectious things in my life, photography.

This site will serve as an offshoot from my official homepage,,
as well as provide links to my Flickr page and RedBubble account (for purchase inquiries).

As always, feel free to contact me for usage inquiries and any other questions